Aluminum Poof Can, 2015, digital video, color, sound.

In Aluminum Poof Can, I animate objects using the sound of human breath and all its beautiful imperfect states—being out of breath, a cough, a nose whistle. This grew from a consideration of animation as an absence-of-labor in an industry that has become more like a factory. The expanse of time on the screen and the lived time for an animator is quite different than the time that the viewer experiences. The time in between frames, what is not shown, is infinitely more time consuming and important than what is shown. When I am animating, I work to erase myself from every frame. This piece is about making the invisible labor visible. 

This long photograph is also an investigation of the intersection of motion and stillness, photograph and object, video screen and the sculptural space around it.

Aluminum Poof Can, 2015
Screened on a vertically installed High Definition monitor: Digital video, color, sound
TRT: Looping