Past Participants:

Brandon Adams
Adam J. Ansell
Skye Ashbrook 
& John Gomi
Marian Barber
Billy Beasty
Jeffrey Beebe
Anna Betbeze
Joan Bonnar
Matt Borruso
David Brinley
Nathan Brown
Emily Cayton
Gibbs Chapman
R. Crumb
Georganne Deen
Jacopo De Nicola
Wendy Farina
Rob Fine
Chris France
Per Frykdahl
Colette Gaiter


Sarah Glanville
Katelena Hernandez
Cornelia Jensen
Steve Jones
Kimberly Jordan
Alexis Karl
Kurt Keppler
Amy Kniss
George Kuchar
Kristin Lucas
Matthew Lusk
Kyp Malone
Anne MacGuire
Jason Mecier
Colin McIntyre
Jeffrey Moser
Selma H. Muller
Moira Murdock
James Nestor
Robyn O’Neill
Baker Overstreet


Pablo the Chimp
(courtesy of Darby Bannard)
Jamie Panzer
Sandi Petrie
Craig Peterson
Duke Riley
Suzanne Rogaleski
Ryan Sawyer
Jovi Schnell
Shadow the cat
Christine Shields
Carrie Mae Smith
Phoebe Tooke
Jade Walker
Bruce Lee Webb
Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Caroline Wright
Jade Townsend
Craig Ventresco
Wayne Grim

I, Daughter of Kong Center for Research (IDOKCFR) is an exercise in imagined science, revisionist history and journalistic chicanery. It is a gesture of resistance to the marginalization of social and political discourse and the increasingly isolating homogeneity of popular culture. IDOKCFR is the creation and elaboration of a new iconic image, a springboard for artistic inspiration, personal interpretation and independent thinking. The project is an ongoing collaboration between four far-flung, formerly San Francisco-based artists: Cynthia Mitchell (Montreal, Canada), Amy Hicks (Philadelphia, PA), Anjali Sundaram (Bozeman, MT) and Lara Allen (New York, NY).

Since 2009, we have conceptualized and organized four thematic IDOKCFR shows and participated in several group exhibitions and screenings. These include Co-Lab Projects, Austin, Texas; Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, Croatia; Pixilerations [v.9], New Media Fringe Festival @ First Works & Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island; Cinema By the Bay, San Francisco Film Foundation, San Francisco, California; UD @ The Crane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Big Muddy Film Festival 34, Carbondale, Illinois; Southern Exposure, San Francisco, California; Inquiry Toward the Practice of Secular Magic, Co-presented by Los Angeles Filmforum and the Disembodied Theater Corporation, piXel + freQuency, Los Angeles, California; Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, New York and The Lab, San Francisco, California. Representatives of the Center for Research have also presented and/or spoken at conferences including International Workshop on Democracy’s Non-Human and Non-Living “Others” with the Authority Research Network in New York and the University Film & Video Association Conference in Bozeman, MT.

We have collaborated with over 60 professionals working in a variety of fields including the visual arts, music, performing arts, psychology, philosophy, film, acrobatic arts, and law.


Co-Lab Projects
Modernity, the Bitter End
Vecernji list
Galerija Miroslav Kraljević
Klub Mama
Corpus Fluxus
LA Filmforum
LA Weekly
The New York Optimist